The JadoreLash Macro Lens

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This Lens will take your pictures from a 5 to a 20 for sure!

Best Investment you'll make for your business.

Our Macro Lens will allow you to get very intricate details whether its lashes, nails, or brows.

Beginner- Friendly

How To Use:

 Macro | Simply unscrew the wide angle lens,  get 1-3 inches from the eye... and BOOM.

 Wide Angle | Mostly for fun: slide it on and have a blast! Enjoy a wider shot of your lash room. This wide angle lens is similar to the wide angle lens option in many new smartphones.

Key Features

  • Professional HD lens minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity.
  • Designed with 37mm Diameter Thread lens enables you to shoot photos at a distance of 1.18-1.57in from your object.
  • The 0.45x wide angle lens largely increases your wide-angle range. Give you a high definition wide angle image without distortion.
  • Universal detachable clamp design, work on all popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets.
  • Soft rubber clip will not scratch or damage your mobile device

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